2nd Annual SENTER Conference

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Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks and the SENTER Network of Centres of Excellence in Cybercrime are organizing the 2nd annual SENTER conference on Open source intelligence (OSINT) and the fight against cybercrime and cyberterrorism. The conference will take place on the 8th November 2017 in Hotel Park, Bled, Slovenia.

The main goals of the conference are to get an overview on the recent OSINT R&D results, present leading industrial solutions in that area, discuss the future and role of OSINT, and identify the pertinent issues of the fight against cybercrime, especially those related to crypto currencies.

The conference is intended for law enforcement agencies (LEA), judicial authorities, industry delivering specialized solutions for LEA, researchers and scientists working with LEA and defence topics, and other practitioners in the area of the fight against cybercrime. Representatives of the ENLETS (European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services) network will also attend the event.

More information about the conference can be found at conf.senter-project.eu.

Open Days

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On March 25 Jozef Štefan Instute organized the 25th traditional Open Doors Days event called “The days of Jozef Štefan”. At the event the visitors had the opportunity to see a variety of programs where different departments presented their work. We had 5 groups and in total 45 visitors who saw the short presentations about the beginning of the Internet in the world and Slovenia, and Internet security.

In the pioneering days of Internet the atmosphere on the net was friendly and collegial

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Internet used to be a place for academics and experts in the open, collegial atmosphere. Things have changed in the meantime and effort will be needed to keep it in a form that will be beneficial for all, says Internet pioneer Borka Jerman Blazic.

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