Foundations and Practice of Digital Forensic Seminar

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Thursday, 22. January 2015
Jožef Stefan Institute

The Foundations and Practice of Digital Forensic Seminar, organised within the DFET project, took place in Ljubljana on Thursday 22. January 2015. Speakers gave an excellent, tought-provoking and educational presentations by the audience of more then 20 people, representing law enforcement and academics and students from several universities.

The purpose of the seminar was to present participants the foundations of digital forensics and to acquaint them with practical concrete examples. The seminar was intended to anyone who is interested in digital forensics and wants to master both methodological, technical and legislation basics that are necessary for operating in this field, as well as criminal technics, forensics tools and solving practical examples. This kind of seminar is useful for participants who are dealing with various cyber crime methods in their everyday work-field, or otherwise dealt with this kind of topic.

The seminar opened with Borka Jerman Blazic’s keynote introduction to the seminar, followed by four presentations. The first session focussed on Cybercrime education with presentation of Blaž Ivanc. After the break the second session started with Security methods and cyber crime prevention, presented by Tomaž Klobučar. Followed by Digital forensics: methods and legislation presentation by Janko Šavnik. The first session after lunch focussed on the forensic presentations. Janko Šavnik spoke about Digital forensics tools in practice, then Primož Cigoj outlined the EDUFORS cloud-based platform and gave instructions for the use of forensic tools.

Throughout the seminar, speakers took questions from the audience and interesting discussions took place. At the end of seminar there was practical exercises on a cloud platform, where audiance was able to verify their gained experiences during the seminar.

Reserchers Night 2014

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The European Researchers’ Night is held in nearly 300 European cities. This unique meeting between scientists and the general public will be held on September 26th in Ljubljana, Novo mesto, Izola and Planica. It is organized by Jožef Stefan Institute.

Started by the European Commission in 2005, the European Researchers’ Night is a unique opportunity for scientists to talk about their jobs. During the evening, the general public participates alongside researchers to better understand their world and the specificities of scientific culture.

The objective of all events corresponded to the WeForYou project main goal is “to enhance public recognition of researchers and their work, notably through offering the public at large, regardless of age and scientific background, opportunities to discover their human face and share with them experiments, ideas, problems, concerns, hopes, passions and fun”, as well as the following project objectives:

  • Bringing researchers and public at large closer to one another, pointing out the “ordinary character” of the researchers and in such a way facilitating their integration in the social fabric;
  • Stressing the societal importance of research, not only for competitiveness and economic growth but also towards citizens’ daily lives and well-being;
  • Stimulating young people to embark on scientific careers by underlining the fascinating and fun aspects of research;
  • Illustrating the European dimension of the event, pointing out the EU support in favour of researchers and research and underlining the importance of European and international cooperation in research.

The target audience include children, students, local authorities, researchers, teachers, etc.