Researchers’ Night, reportage from Ljubljana …

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The last Friday of September was marked by Researchers’ Night. The numerous activities offered related to several research topics, such as Energy research & innovation, Environment & Climate Action, Health, and ICT & Secure Society; they wre located in 4 impirtant Slovenian cities, namely Ljubljana, Novo Mesto, Izola and Planica.

Below you can find the reportage from the New Square, Ljubljana.

Web panopticon – the values of the internet and current situation

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The World Wide Web was in the beginning conceived as a neutral platform for cyber-user community – which at that time were mostly academics users, where code of web pages was still open and accessible to all users. The services and information, which could be still digitally reproduced, were equally available and this was completely free. Apparently things haven’t much changed, but the appearance can be deceive.

We talked to dr. prof. Borka Jerman Blažič about the values of the internet and its current situation.

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spletni panoptikon