An Authentication and Authorization Solution for a Multi-Platform Cloud Environment (MUPOSS)

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Providing security at all levels within the multi-platform cloud-computing environment is still not considered to be properly solved due to a variety of problems arising from technical and human-based sources. We have developed authentication-and-authorization solution based on the Single Sign-On (SSO) approach for cloud-service users and administrators in a multi-platform environment. The system developed enables user authentication for clouds provided as Infrastructure as a Service system built up from different OS systems. The solution enables the use of different services based on credentials that are authenticated only once and enable simple and efficient administration of the relevant data.

MUPOSS solution was published by Cigoj, Primož, and Borka Jerman Blažič. “An Authentication and Authorization Solution for a Multiplatform Cloud Environment.” Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective 24.4-6 (2015): 146-156. This article was recently cited by Sette, Ioram S., David W. Chadwick, and Carlos AG Ferraz. “Authorization Policy Federation in Heterogeneous Multicloud Environments.” IEEE Cloud Computing 4.4 (2017): 38-47.

An advanced tool for education of digital forensic engineering EDUFORS

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We have presented in multiple articles and conferences a novel approach to education in the area of digital forensics based on a multi-platform cloud-computer infrastructure and an innovative computer based tool. The tool is installed and offered over the cloud-based infrastructure of the Dynamic Forensic Education Alliance. Cloud computing provides efficient mechanism for a wide range of services that offer real-life environments for teaching and training cybersecurity and digital forensics, The cloud-based infrastructure, the virtualized environment and the developed educational tool enables construction of dynamic e-learning environment making the training very close to reality and to real-life situations.

Recently, Dr. Melissa Layne, which serves as the AVP for Product Development for the American Public University System was interested in this development for the further research on the article published by Primož Cigoj and Borka Jerman Blažič, “An Advanced Educational Tool for Digital Forensic Engineering” in International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning. (2016).