Laboratory activities are aimed at research and development of next generation networks, telecommunication technologies, components and integrated systems and services, applications of the information society, particularly those that provide more efficient and vigorous implementation of the concept of lifelong learning. We help to build a bridge between theory and practice and maintain telecommunications activities in the development of user-friendly applications.

Most of our research activities are focused on:

  • next generation networks and the problem of information security;
  • standards and standardization in the field of Informatics;
  • e-learning technology and standardization in this area;
  • the fight against cybercrime.

Current activities are conducted within the research programme “Future Internet Technologies”: concepts, architecture, services and socio-economic issues, and the following projects:

  • Horizon 2020 projects Flex4Grid, Defender and Compact,
  • EU FP7 project EmployID,
  • the SENTER project from the HOME/ISPF programme,
  • the LIVE_FOR project from the DG Justice programme,
  • the SI-PASS and eID4U projects from the Connecting Europe Facility programme,
  • GIRDA from the Erasmusplus programme, and
  • three national projects (Content and data communication interoperability of first responders networks, EkoSmart, and Technology and business aspects of the future e-health ecosystem).

Past successfully finished project can be found here.