Name of the Project: EkoSMART
Programme: ESRR 2014-2020
Duration: 1.8.2016 – 31.7.2019

Laboratory for open systems and networks is also involved in a three-year national project EkoSmart with the main focus on health, mobility, active lifestyle and well being. The whole project has six research programs to help build an ecosystem for a safer and better quality living for individuals and communities alike, based on innovative IKT solutions.

Elektronsko Mobilno Zdravje (EMZ – ”Electronic Mobile Health”) is one of the six research programs, where operative directions include information technologies for whole health care, home support, mobile monitoring of vital and environmental data, method and algorithms development, and the development of corresponding IKT platforms.

Department E5 will contribute to the work group for method and algorithms development. Among other research and development challenges, we will focus on algorithms and mechanisms for the safety of collected data (access and storage) as well as designing machine learning applications for disease discovery and intelligent support for treatment monitoring.