Name of the project: Replicable and Efficient Solutions for Optimal Management of Cross-sector Energy

Programme: Horizont Europe

Duration: 1.1. 2023 – 31.12. 2025

Webstie: TBA

The RESONANCE project will develop a catalog of hardware and software solutions for efficient management of consumption and production of energy for diverse set of end users. The supported end users will be households, apartment buildings, office buildings, shopping centers and industry. The elements of the catalogue are developed on three levels: resource manager, customer energy manager and aggregation.

The catalogue solutions will be evaluated in pilots in six countries: France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Greece and Slovenia. A strong Slovenian consortia is part of the project: ECE, Elektro Celje, SmartCom, Amibit and JSI. Slovenian pilot focus at first will be on households with heat pumps and renewables, price-based demand response and aggregation for imbalance management and renewables balancing. In the second piloting cycle solutions developed in other pilots will be evaluated: an apartment building heating, in the network batteries and EV charging and optimization of solutions for energy efficiency. In the project we lead the work package on resource manager catalog and tasks related to secure and privacy preserving data management.


1. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
2. Caverion Suomi
3. Athens University of Economics and Business AUEB
4. Fortiss GmbH
5. Trialog SAS
6. CheckWatt AB
7. Enerim Oy
8. Institut “Jožef Stefan”
9. Smart Com d.o.o.
10. European Dynamics S.A.
11. Consolinno Energy GmbH
12. Bovlabs
13. In-Jet
14. CluBE
15. ECE d.o.o.
16. AMIBIT, energetski sistemi, d.o.o.
17. Mölndal Energi
18. Elektro Celje d.d.
19. Municipality of Eordaia


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