Name of the Workshop: Virtual Global Information Day
Trajanje: 11/1/2003 – 4/30/2006
Spletišče Projekta:

Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks (E-5) Jozef Stefan Institute, sixth of March participated in the Virtual Global Information Day on the first call for proposals in the field of e-Infrastructures in the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union.

Videoconference organized by the European Commission, meaning the General Directorate for Information Society (DG INFSO), was held using video conferencing tool called Isabel. This tool made it easy for all participants, and interactive participation at the event. The purpose of the video conference was not only informing the interested institutions from European Union member states and also promoting the upcoming first call for proposals under the Seventh Framework Programme of the non-member countries in the world and processing of ideas for possible project proposals.

The event was divided into three sessions, the first was intended for countries in Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia and was held in English, the other was given to Latin American countries (held in Spanish) and the third, also in English, but attended by representatives from the U.S. and Canada. Thus, in addition to our presence at the meeting also participated research institutes and universities from Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Morocco, Singapore, Algeria, China, Egypt and other countries.

After the introductory greeting by Ulf Dahlsten, director of Directorate of Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures, followed greeting from all the participants. In following, in Brussels followed a short lecture on the Seventh Framework Programme. The European Commission presented the main objectives, activities, strategies for integration, the expected results, budget, examples of international cooperation, as well as opportunities and conditions for cooperation with non-member countries of the European Union. During these sessions we were able to actively involve participants and discussing the objectives of competition and coverage of certain topics. Then followed the presentations of the participants, their skills and interests in the Seventh Framework Programme. Prof. dr. Borka Jerman Blažič in front of all viewers also presented department E-5.

picture from Virtual Global Information Day


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