Research programme that integrates telecommunications and business sciences provides research and development results in the field of future Internet and related services and applications. Fruitful and successful collaboration of research teams from Jožef Stefan Institute and Faculty of Economics proves that the field of telecommunications is very closely interrelated with the society and related sciences. The main achievements of the programme in 2015 include:

  • The amount and the quality of publications: team members published 21 papers with impact factor, 8 of them from the first category (A1). Four publications are counted as exceptional (A”) and 13 as of highest quality (A’).
  • Building blocks for secure telecommunication infrastructure: trustworthy network infrastructure for secure cross-border services in EU.
  • Innovative mechanisms and telecommunication services: secure cross-border academic and e-learning services, a solution for authentication and authorization in a cloud, cloud-based environment for education and training in the field of digital forensics and cybercrime, serious games taxonomy, etc.
  • New paradigms for critical network infrastructure: internet-based model for transport optimization, business intelligence acceptance model, etc.


Laboratory for open systems and networks

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