• New concepts and developed and implemented standardized internet protocols: distributed access control protocol for P2P (peertopeer) networks, taxonomy of internet trust and reputation systems, conceptual model of security context, etc.
  • New platforms and infrastructures: trustworthy infrastructure for secure cross-border services, multimedia content delivery platform based on P2P protocol, future Internet collaboration and e-learning platform, trusted infrastructure for
    crossborder services in EU (egovernment, e-learning, e-health and e-banking).
  • New mechanisms and services: secure academic and e-learning identity-based cross-border services, security mechanism for graphical authentication on mobile telecommunication devices, single sign-on solution for cloud infrastructure, eeducaton portals (EduCenter, OpenScout), etc.
  • New paradigms: scenarios of future Internet development, model for optimal information and network security technology investment, models of broadband networks development and adoption, acceptance models for Internet services and assessment of the services’ influence on business performance, use behaviour model of digital TV, etc.
  • Long-term Archive Protocol (LTAP), published as an internet draft (draft-ietf-ltans-ltap-05.txt). LTAP is currently being standardized within IETF LTANS (Long-Term Archive and Notary Services) WG;
  • The establishment of the security technology competence center SETCCE for transferring knowledge and technology in the field of information security and electronic commerce;
  • Specification and prototype design (software) of the FAIN active node security architecture. The security architecture provides basic security services, such as the integrity of the network element, the integrity of the active package and a description of services, combination of data origin authentication using symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic mechanisms, authorization and ensuring the implementation of security policies and service record;
  • System HCD (Human Capital Development Suite) for complete management of education in businesses and other organizations, starting from setting educational goals and learning cycle, to searching and ordering teaching materials, and support its evaluation of the effects of education. The system developed within the ELENA project, is also available in Slovenian;
  • Establishing of the first public-key certification authority in Slovenia SI-CA, that is part of the European EuroPKI infrastructure;
  • Distributed video-conferences and multimedia distance learning in the frame of the UNIVERSAL project;
  • Digital literacy of the border region between Austria and Slovenia and creation and promotion of e-business climate;
  • Design of smart market model for telecommunications services and optimal tariffing system;
  • Community portal EduCenter (www.educenter.eu)
  • Books
  • Security and privacy in advanced networking technologies, IOS Press, Amsterdam;
  • Advanced security technologies in networking, IOS Press, Amsterdam;
  • Advanced Multimedia and Communication Security, Kluwer;
  • Electronic Commerce on Internet (in Slovene), GV založba;
  • Internet and Law (in Slovene), Pasadena;
  • Act on electronic commerce and electronic signature: with commentary (in Slovene), GV založba.
  • Establishing of a pilot certification authority for Telekom Slovenia;
  • Establishing of a pilot certification authority for Trade Point Slovenia;
  • Designing a software for electronic billing for SIOL;
  • Designing a software for digital signing of XML documents for Infotehna;
  • Designing a security systems into a management software for networks that offer services with guaranteed quality of service
  • Participation in preparation of the Slovenian act on electronic commerce and electronic signature;
  • Organisation of international conferences (CMS 2002) and workshops (NATO ANW on Advanced Security Technologies in Networking), (Security in eBusiness and E-Commerce) in the field of security technologies;
  • Technical education at a distance of Euroseminars within COST 264;
  • Technical education activities: City of Ljubljana, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Ministry of Defence and PHARE project.


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