Naziv Projekta: HYPERGEO – Easy and friendly access to geographic information for mobile users
Trajanje: 1/1/2000 – 12/31/2001

HYPERGEO aimed at providing technical tools to enable value-added information services related to Geographic information. HYPERGEO name shows that the project handles both information (HYPER or Hypertext) and geography (GEO).

The technical objectives were to develop and integrate, in single system, innovative software components enabling the users to formulate advance requests, to access information in both pull and push modes, and to display the information in efficient “multi-layered” form.

The business objective was to prepare the way for innovative services offerings primarily for mobile needing to access geographic information for their activity. Mobile users were the main, but not exclusive target. It was also applied to fixed users, being interested in geographic information.

Detailed objectives were:

  • Study and develop advanced information technology components to improve information systems efficiency and user friendliness
  • Study new methods to make efficient use of remote geographic information, in particular for mobile users
  • Demonstrate the performances through a Tourism Information system because its requirements are very representative
  • Show possible extension to other information systems applications and define possible models for operation.

Research and Development Activities

Research and development activities for human centred information technology in following areas:

  • Distributed information access and management (data mining)
  • Advanced request tool, including natural language processing
  • User profile and preferences, including geographic location
  • Improved Information presentation (with geographic attributes) and access (security/privacy).

Prototyping activities

A Tourism Information Service prototype, built on the above components combining:

  • A server, linked to distributed and remote information resources
  • A terminal, for exploitation before the travel (fixed terminal at home or for professional users) and during the travel (mobile terminal).

The project team grouped 9 partners, including Information Technology suppliers, research laboratories, and users.


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