Naziv Projekta: ICE – CAR – Interworking Public Key Certification Infrastructure for Commerce, Administration and Research

The ICE – CAR project:

  • fostered the development of European security technology for the purpose of securing the growing application of open networks, as for instance the internet, for administration, e-commerce, intra-organisation communication, health care applications and research;
  • promoted the availablity of technically compatible and interconnectable public key infrastructures (PKIs) which are necessary to guarantee the authenticity and validity of public keys in use.

The project provided all the technology components to support the secure use of the internet for commercial and administrative applications in Europe. The project improved and deployed the existing security toolsets from the perspective of usability and interoperability.

Our Contribution

The work in the project was divided into different work-packages. Jozef Stefan Institute contributed to the following:

  • CA service provision and security support
  • SI-CA – Slovenian EuroPKI Certification Authority
  • PKI for Slovenian institutions.


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