Naziv Projekta: MAITS – Multilingual Application Interface for Telematic Services
Trajanje: 9/1995 – 4/1997
Spletišče Projekta: std.dkuug.dk/maits/

The aim of the MAITS project was to allow users to access telematic services in their local language (or locale), and to be able to interact with remote users, via international telematic services, as effectively, as efficiently and as easily as they can with local users.

The purpose of MAITS was to define a framework for transparent langauge support (TLP); to define and create a generic and portable set of APIs to enable TLP – the MAITS API; then to integrate the MAITS API into a reasonable cross-section of widely used telematic services.

The MAITS TLP framework and 4 level API was successfully defined and published, and levels 0,1 and 2 were successfully built and tested. They were also successfully incorporated into a commercial product that is now marketed by Translation Experts Ltd. Implementation of Level 3 into machine translation products was beyond the scope of the project.


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