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In the pioneering days of Internet the atmosphere on the net was friendly and collegial

Internet used to be a place for academics and experts in the open, collegial atmosphere. Things have changed in the meantime and effort will be needed to keep it in a form that will be beneficial for all, says Internet pioneer Borka Jerman Blazic.

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LIVE_FOR Kick Off Meeting

On 15.11.2015 with a kick off meeting organized by the Laboratory for Open systems and Networks  started the EU project “Criminal Justice Access to Digital Evidences in the Cloud – LIVE_FORensics” (LIVE_FOR). The project funded by DG Justice of European Commission is coordinated by the Laboratory of Open Systems and Networks. Main objectives of the project are research and development  of digital forensic methods to be applied in cloud computing  and preparation of training curriculum for education of persons involved in investigations that required cross-border collection of digital evidences and witness reports.



An advanced tool for education of digital forensic engineering EDUFORS

We have presented in multiple articles and conferences a novel approach to education in the area of digital forensics based on a multi-platform cloud-computer infrastructure and an innovative computer based tool. The tool is installed and offered over the cloud-based infrastructure of the Dynamic Forensic Education Alliance. Cloud computing provides efficient mechanism for a wide range of services that offer real-life environments for teaching and training cybersecurity and digital forensics, The cloud-based infrastructure, the virtualized environment and the developed educational tool enables construction of dynamic e-learning environment making the training very close to reality and to real-life situations.

Recently, Dr. Melissa Layne, which serves as the AVP for Product Development for the American Public University System was interested in this development for the further research on the article published by Primož Cigoj and Borka Jerman Blažič, “An Advanced Educational Tool for Digital Forensic Engineering” in International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning. (2016).


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