Available Ph.D. Student Positions

The Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks at Jozef Stefan Institute is offering Ph.D. student positions in the following areas:

  • Cybersecurity and novel technologies for cyber-physical security,
  • Advanced Internet technologies,
  • Smart digital services in energetics, and
  • Trust and identity management.

We invite candidates who are interested in research work in any of these areas.

The laboratory offers a stimulating, friendly and flexible work environment, access to the latest equipment, directed mentoring, and associates with extensive experience. At the same time, it enables freedom to choose a specific research topic and offers cooperation with various established foreign institutions.

Procedure: For more detailed information on the application process send your mail to info@e5.ijs.si.

Or visit the following link.

The deadline is 11th of May, 2023.

General information: The Jozef Stefan Institute (https://www.ijs.si) is the largest research institute in Slovenia. The Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks (https://www.e5.ijs.si) has a long tradition in research and development in the field of information security, computer networks, telecommunications, and services and applications of information society. Activities are carried out within the program “Future internet technologies: concepts, architectures, services, and socio-economic issues” and with various research institutions across the World.


Laboratory for open systems and networks

  • Jamova cesta 39, 1000, Ljubljana
  • + 386 (0)1 477 3900
  • info@e5.ijs.si