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30th anniversary of the first internet connection in Slovenia

Jozef Stefan Institute and Computer Communications Association – Internet Society Slovenia are inviting to the on-line event: 30th anniversary of the first internet connection in Slovenia.



Prof. Borka Jerman Blažič, IJS

Greetings on behalf of the Internet Society

Nick Hyrka, Regional Community Manager – Europe for the Internet Society

Internet in Slovenia  and distance education during the epidemy 

Mag. Janja Jakončič, Math Teacher, Gimnazija Poljane

Vulnerability of web pages and the new service Vulnet for web users

Mag. Primož Cigoj, Young Researcher, IJS

Open virtual space for memories and ideas


The event will be held on Wednesday, 24 November 2021, at 2 p.m.

To join the event, contact us:

15th Conference of Slovenian Electric Power Engineers CIGRE CIRED

Dušan Gabrijelčič and Živa Stepančič presented a paper titled “Projekt UPORABLJAJ PAMETNO” (co-authors:  Anton Kos, Maja Ivančič, Kristijan Koželj, Leon Maruša, Miran Rošer, Andrej Krpič, Arso Savanović, Boštjan Turinek, Miha Smolnikar, in Gordana Stojnšek Žnidarec) at the 15th Conference of Slovenian Electric Power Engineers CIGRE  CIRED, in Laško, 19. – 21. October 2021. We presented the pre-liminary results of the UPORABLJAJ PAMETNO project, where we estimate the flexibility potential of household consumers and define the representative groups of electric grid users based on their consumption profile.

We also received the best paper award  for the paper “Predstavitev rezultatov pilotnega vključevanja odjemalcev v programe prilagajanja odjema z uporabo dinamičnega tarifiranja v mednarodnem projektu Flex4Grid”, 2019 (Results of the dynamic tariff scheme pilot application in the context of European project Flex4Grid). In the name of all authors: Anton Kos, Kristijan Koželj, Damjan Bobek, Živa Stepančič in Dušan Gabrijelčič, the award was accepted by our project partners from Elektro Celje d.d. (A. Kos, K. Koželj and D. Bobek).

Department seminar: Presentation seminar of dr. Živa Stepančič

Dr. Živa Stepančič from the Laboratory of Open Systems and Networks had a department seminar titled: “Presentation seminar: Modelling of flexibility potential in smart grids and statistical support in projects” on Thursday,  7th October 2021. Presentation of her work included the presentation of the research results as well as the description of  her currents tasks on various european and industrial projects under way at the Laboratory of Open Systems and Networks. The seminar was  carried out virtually. 


Laboratory for open systems and networks

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