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Name of the project: DIGIBLEND

Programme: Erasmus+ project “DIGIBLEND | Improving adult digital literacy through innovative gamified blended learning”.



The DIGIBLEND project goal is to develop a new and innovative approach to teaching and training basic digital skills for the target group of older adults.

Older adults are particularly negatively affected by the rapidly evolving digital world. While younger people (“digital natives”) grow up with smartphones, apps, and the Internet, older adults tend to view the digital as foreign. Yet digital skills are increasingly becoming a necessity for everyday activities. Today, it is imperative to be able to navigate the digital world independently and take full advantage of the possibilities of technology in every aspect of our lives.

Successful teaching of basic digital skills requires an approach based on the needs and abilities of older adults. To achieve this, we rely on the use of familiar game-based elements combined with an interactive blended learning approach.


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Available Ph.D. student positions

The Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks at Jozef Stefan Institute is offering Ph.D. student positions in the following areas:

  • cryptography and cyber security,
  • new Internet technologies and services (e.g. trust and reputation systems),
  • use of advanced data analytics, machine learning methods and artificial intelligence to provide modern networks and applications in the fields of security and privacy, protection of critical infrastructure and smart grid applications.

We invite candidates who are interested in interdisciplinary research work in any of these areas.

The laboratory offers a stimulating, friendly and flexible work environment, access to the latest equipment, directed mentoring, and associates with extensive experience. At the same time, it enables freedom to choose a specific research topic and offers cooperation with various established foreign institutions.

Procedure: For More detailed information on the application process send your mail to

General information: The Jozef Stefan Institute ( is the largest research institute in Slovenia. The Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks ( has a long research and development tradition in the field of information security, computer networks, telecommunications, and services and applications of information society. Activities are carried out within the program “Future internet technologies: concepts, architectures, services, and socio-economic issues” and with various research institutions accross the World.

Open Day at the Jožef Stefan Institute

Each year at the end of March, traditional Stefan’s Days take place at the Institute, marking the birthday (24 March) of the great Slovenian scientist, Jožef Stefan. The all-week event program will be finished with the Traditional Open Day event, on Saturday, March 26, 2022, from 9 am to 2 pm.

The all-week program concludes with the traditional Open Day event, this Saturday, on March 26, 2022, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The members of Laboratory for open systems and networks, will also present our research work, as the part of the program “Building the modern world”. You are kindly invited.

See the full program:

The Puch’s Lifetime Achievement Award

On Friday, December 10th 2021, the biggest event: awards and recognitions of Republic of Slovenia for outstanding achievements in scientific research and development in 2021, was held in Cankarjev Dom.

We are honored and proud that, among other awardees,  Prof. Dr. Borka Jerman Blažič received the Puch’s Lifetime Achievement Award for achievements in the field of information and communication technologies. She was the long-time head of the Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks from 1990 to 2018.



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