Dušan Gabrijelčič is a researcher at the Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks at Jozef Stefan Institute. His main research areas are information security, networking and multimedia applications.


  • Ph.D., University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering, 2005
  • M. Sc., University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering, 1998
  • Dipl.  ing.,  University  of  Ljubljana,  Faculty  of  electrical engineering, 1993

Fields of research and academic interest

  • Informations security
  • Networking
  • Multimedia applications
  • Social networks

Brief working experience

  • Developer at Iskra-Merilna elektronika Horjul (today METREL), 1993
  • System and network management at Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts, 1993-1995
  • Researcher at Jožef Stefan Institute, Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks, 1995 –
  • Assistant professor, School of Criminal Justice, University of Maribor, 2009

Specific experience and skills

  • Team leader for IST Diadem project in FP6 and P2P-Next project in FP7
  • Task and work package leader in a number of EU and national projects, e.g. NICE-GLOBAL, EPRI-COM (ACTS), FAIN (FP5), DIADEM, SERENITY (FP6), P2P-Next (FP7)
  • use case modelling, design, implementation, testing, validation, large scale trials of architectures, services and components
  • programming: shell, Perl, Java, Python, C++
  • OS maintenance and management: VMS, SunOS, Solaris, AIX, Linux
  • language: English, Serbo-Croatian and German (basic)

Honors and awards

  • Best papers award at Securware 2011 (The Fifth InternationalConference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies), 2011


Laboratorij za odprte sisteme in mreže

  • Jamova cesta 39, 1000, Ljubljana
  • + 386 (0)1 477 3900
  • info@e5.ijs.si