Five new EU projects

Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks  obtained five new research projects from the 7th EU Framework Programme and the ISEC (Prevention of and fight against crime) programme in 2013. Two of them received the highest evaluation scores among more than 100 project proposals: EmployID in technology enhanced learning and COURAGE in security.

Goals of the COURAGE, REDIRNET and DFET projects are to deliver a measured, comprehensive, relevant research agenda for cyber crime and cyber terrorism, create an emergency responder data interoperability network, and create new cloud-based training methods/techniques to support judicial authorities, law enforcement agencies and associated stakeholders in the fight against cybercrime.

EmployID will support and facilitate the learning process of Public Employment Services (PES) practitioners in their professional identity transformation process, while  in the RENATECH project we have already organised very successful researchers’ night.

COURAGE, REDIRNET, EmployID and DFET will start their activities at the beginning of 2014.


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