PhD scholarship in the field of new internet technologies and services

ictDescription: Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks at Jožef Stefan Institute is offering one scholarship for obtaining a PhD degree in science in the field of new internet technologies and services. The selected candidate will be employed as young researcher at Jožef Stefan Institute for the maximum period of three years and six months.

Qualifications: Applicants with a university degree, concluded Bologna level 2 studies or master’s degree in an appropriate field (computer and information science, telecommunications, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics or organizational science preferred). In addition, the candidate

  • must have finished his/her studies with grade point average in all courses of at least 8.00 and must fulfill the requirements of enrolment in postgraduate Bologna level 3 studies;
  • his/her diploma must not be older than 5 years.

Criteria for assessment of candidates:

  • grade point average in all courses
  • obtained master’s degree
  • enrollment in postgraduate studies
  • awards of recognition received
  • articles published
  • participation in research work

Starting date: October 2016

General info: Jožef Stefan Institute (http://www.ijs.si) is the biggest research institute in Slovenia. Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks (http://www.e5.ijs.si) has a long tradition of research and development in the fields of information security, computer networks, telecommunication technologies, and information society services and applications. Currently, the main R&D activity focuses on internet technologies and services, information security and privacy, and technology-enhanced learning. R&D activities are carried out mainly in the EU projects and within national research programme “Future internet technologies: concepts, architectures, services, and socio-economic issues”. In 2015 the laboratory participated in 8 EU projects from the Horizon 2020 programme, 7th Framework programme, EU Cybercrime prevention programme, and EU Competence and Innovation programme.

Procedure: For detailed information about the application procedure please contact info@e5.ijs.si.



Laboratory for open systems and networks

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