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The overload of internet in the time of Covid-19

“Will the Internet survive the congestion of the network due to the increased traffic generated by the COVID-19 pandemic situation?” and “What is currently the state of internet “health” during the COVID-19 pandemic?” This are the two questions which prof. dr. Borka Jerman Blažič, is debating in her recently published article on the offical website of the Slovenian Association for Computer Communications and Internet (ISOC-SI).

In the recent weeks, many people are wondering whether the Internet will withstand due to increased traffic while the majority of the world’s population is browsing and using internet on behalf of changing the lifestyle in these mesaures in pandemic time. The Previous data on the increase of intrenet traffic, is showing that the Internet is very durable and whilst there have been no major problems detected, which is understandable. However, The COVID-19 pandemic has once again exposed the long-standing problem in the global world and here at home, where the digital the division of the population between the poor and the rich is divided. The poor have no access to the internet, no matter where they are in the world. This issue also raised the issue of Internet access, paying e-bills and telephone communications for the Internet-connected part of the population.

How much Internet  traffic has augmented in the last days of March:

Business, home broadband, and wireless usage was up 24% compared to the same day in February in USA. Other new traffic patterns include:

Instant messaging: Up by 63%
Text messaging: Up by 41%
Voice calls: Up by 33%
Video: Up by 4%
Emailing: Down by 18%
Web browsing: Down by 5%

The company also reports these increases in conference activity:Audio, web and video conferencing tools: Up by 400% more minutes
Large-scale webcast events: Up by 200%
AT&T’s global audio-conferencing solution: Up by 200%.

Read the whole article (in Slovenian language): HERE


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