Ime projekta: OpenScout – Skill Based Scouting of Open User-Generated and Community-Improved Content for Management Education and Training
Duration: 1.9.2009 – 30.8.2012

OpenScout was a project co-funded by the European Commission within the eContentplus Programme as a Targeted Project in the area of Educational Content (Grant ECP 2008 EDU 428016). OpenScout started in September 2009 and had a duration of three years.

OpenScout has provided an education service in the internet that enables users to easily find, access, use and exchange open content for management education and training.

OpenScout offers easy-to-use skill-based federated search and retrieval web services, provides an openly accessible tool library for improvement and re-publishing of open contents and establishes an open user community that opens up their content and adopts OpenScout web services in real contexts of use.

OpenScout can be used by learners directly but also by training and education institutions that search for learning content to be integrated into their learning offerings.

The most important results:

To exploit the full potential of open content for management education and training, OpenScout provides an educational internet service that:

  • enables user-friendly search and access to open management content;
  • identifies and connects existing repositories containing open management content;
  • enables easy re-use and adaptation of open content to the need and context of learners and providers;
  • enlarges the group of learners and providers that utilize open content for management education.


Visit OpenScout portal and enter the world of open management educational content.



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