Name of the Project: STORK 2.0 – Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed 2.0
Duration: 1.4.2012 – 30.9.2015

The aim of the project with 58 partners participating was to allow the cross border usage of e-identity based services in the field of e-learning, e-banking, public services for enterprises and e-health. The workflow in the project was divided into the 8 WP, the “Jožef Stefan” Institute was participating in 3 WPs:

  • WP4 (Common Specifications & Building Blocks)
  • WP5.1 (eLearning & Academic Qualifications Pilot)
  • WP7 (eID as a Service Offering)

Within academic services, we are providing and piloting the following three services:

  • Virtual learning environment
  • Anonymous e-survey
  • The service for identifying academic attributes and their usage in the job-selection processes.

The services are accessible here.


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