Name of the Project: ELENA – Creating a Smart Space for Learning
Duration: 1. 9. 2002 – 31. 5. 2005

The ELENA project from the 5th Framework Programme of EU aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of Smart Spaces for Learning that support the “smart” mediation of learning services based on user profiling, service evaluation and reputation ratings.

Main Project Objectives:

  • to analyse existing standards for modelling learning-relevant data beyond learning objects and to provide recommendations for their further development; 
  • to develop schemas describing educational services such as educational activities, learning delivery, teaching assessment and learner assessment;
  • to design and implement a smart space for learning that integrates heterogeneous services such as assessment services, content brokerage, learning delivery and human resources (HR) management;
  • to test the applicability of smart spaces to the field of education and training from a business and organizational perspective and draw conclusions for the design of intelligent environments in this field;
  • to develop best practice guidelines for deploying smart learning spaces from an organizational, technological and pedagogical perspective.

Main Results:

  • SQI (Simple Query Interface) standard – standard interface for querying learning object repositories;
  • Specification of a Smart Space for Learning;
  • ELENA network of educational nodes;
  • HCD Suite; Multilingual skill taxonomy;
  • Learner profile schema that supports security and privacy provision.




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