Name of the project: Evaluation of intellectual property as a basis for proposing a long-term sustainable state aid model to promote cooperation between science and economy 

Programme: Slovenian Research Agency and Ministry of science, education and sport

Duration: 01. 09. 2021 – 01. 08. 2022

The project will  prepare a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the state of collaborative research and development (R&D) projects between industry and academia, it will identify critical points for the transfer of intellectual property rights (IL) from the research sphere and propose guidelines to improve identified shortcomings. The project will prepare an internationally comparable analysis of the situation and proposals for improving the state aid system in collaborative R&D projects of companies and research organizations by proposing an optimal, long-term sustainable system of the  state aid in terms of projects funded by European Cohesion Policy funds. A key contribution of the project will be a proposal to develop an optimal, long-term sustainable state aid system / model / program in terms of projects funded by European cohesion policy funds, together with proposals for necessary changes to the EU state aid system. effective cooperation.


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