Name of the Project: Researchers for Nature Preservation and Technology use for the benefit of the society – RENATECH (researchers night)
Duration: 1. 5. 2013 – 30. 10. 2013

The events of the Researchers’ Night in Slovenia will take place on September 27th 2013 in:

  • Ljubljana, organized by Jožef Stefan Institute and National Institute of Biology
  • Novo mesto, organized by Faculty of Information Studies Novo mesto
  • Piran, organized by National Institute of Biology

The objective of all events corresponded to the RENATECH project main goal is “to enhance public recognition of researchers and their work, notably through offering the public at large, regardless of age and scientific background, opportunities to discover their human face and share with them experiments, ideas, problems, concerns, hopes, passions and fun”, as well as the following project objectives:

  • Bringing researchers and public at large closer to one another, pointing out the “ordinary character” of the researchers and in such a way facilitating their integration in the social fabric;
  • Stressing the societal importance of research, not only for competitiveness and economic growth but also towards citizens’ daily lives and well-being; •
  • Stimulating young people to embark on scientific careers by underlining the fascinating and fun aspects of research;
  • Illustrating the European dimension of the event, pointing out the EU support in favour of researchers and research and underlining the importance of European and international cooperation in research.

The target audience include children, students, local authorities, researchers, teachers, etc.

To ensure interactivity with visitors – various expositions, live experiments, show and hands on experiments from various fields of natural and social sciences will be placed around main stages. The general public will have the opportunities to meet scientists, attend and actively contribute in the events. EU corner will provide much information on the initiatives on science and research. In addition to questioners and materials provided by the DG at the corner, various leaflets promoting science provided by the contributors in the project will be distributed among visitors, together with project’s t-shirts and balloons.

The main location in Ljubljana will be Kongresni trg, other locations will be National Institute of Biology, Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI), House of Experiments and across Ljubljana moors Nature Park.



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