Name of the Project: PROLEARN – Network of excellence in professional learning
Duration: 1/1/2004 – 12/31/2007

The PROLEARN project from the 6th Framework Programme of EU focused on two key issues for future eLearning scenarios and contexts, namely future technology enhanced professional learning resources and the use of these learning resources for professional training in SME’s and larger companies. Based on these objectives, the NoE advanced the state of the art in the key areas personalized adaptive learning and interactive media, with learning resources connected to real-world settings and reusable in different contexts. It investigated and advanced issues especially relevant for professional training in SME’s and larger companies, including brokerage platforms and services, business models for specific markets, and advanced eLearning and knowledge work management arrangements.

To accomplish these goals, the NoE brought together the most important research groups in the aforementioned areas, as well as other key organisations and industry participants, thus bridging the currently existing gap between research and education at universities and similar organisations and training and continuous education that is provided for and within companies. Through PROLEARN awards, best practice examples, show cases and workshops we advanced European professional training in technology enhanced environments, and through roadmaps and policy guides we charted and analyzed future trends relevant for future professional training tools, environments and scenarios.

The Joint Programme of Activities focused on large scale research cooperation and coordination of degree programs in the context of the PROLEARN Academy, setting up a virtual research centre comprising all consortium members, as well as on exchange and transfer activities especially with industrial participants in the context of the PROLEARN Competence Centre. It integrated existing and future activities of the NoE partners, and ensured the critical mass necessary for mutual complementary exchange of technologies, tools, experiences, and scenarios.



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