P2P networks are being successfully deployed and used for almost a decade. Until recently mainly used on the margin, they are now aiming at entering general digital network media market. Next generation P2P networks promise low cost content distribution platform and advanced interactive features. They could enable a number of shifts in the market like from classical linear TV to non-linear, on-demand, anytime-anywhere, by anyone. They tend to unlock end user publishing potential and shift from popular content to disclosure of “long-tail” content. Not only researchers and the end users are interested in this promising technology but also professional content providers, advertiser, broadcasters, artists, various service providers and collecting societies. One of the most promising technology in the field is based on BitTorrent protocol. To enable the technology shift to new generation, the protocol is being extended with various new features.

The new generation P2P network approaches based on BitTorrent protocol seriously lack security features needed to enter general digital network media market. For this reason the
project’s primary objective is security of new generation P2P networks. The project will design and implement needed security services for secure system operation. Security issues that are most critical for provisioning in new generation networks are professional content providers services compliance with current security related international standardization recommendations, privacy preserving user-centric identity management, core security services for content delivery platform and feature extensions, and trust establishing mechanisms for secure user involvement in mostly anonymous environment. Developed security solutions will be validated in real, service oriented environment with real users.


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